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Equipment: Automatic Cartoning Machine
Equipment Type: Packaging Equipment -> Others
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Main Features:
Description: 1、Adopts full servo system, synchronous belt driving without any lubricating oil. 2、Servo motor works in feeding materials and carton packaging. Speed and travel are adjustable, stable and reliable in operation. 3、Single motor driving, PLC automatic control, Operating on touch screen, words and numeric display, automatic counting and automatic speed regulation, easy to operate, stable in operation. 4、Photoelectric detection and monitoring system to realize overload protection,words indication of failure diagnosis, and automatic halt of failure. 5、In a specified range, realizes carton packaging of various specifications without replacing parts. And it is easy and convenient to adjust. 6、The especial designed feeding mechanism can realize sole machine produce. 7、Innovative and transparent security casters to enhance general view and security of the machine.
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