Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co.,Ltd.
Name:Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co.,Ltd.
About Us
◆Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co.,Ltd(Original name :Rui''an Feiyun Machinery Factory) is the leading member of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment, founded in 1986.We are proud of being honored as "National High and New Technology Enterprise”,” Excellent Technology Innovation Enterprise of Zhejiang Province", "Technology Improvement Enterprise ". The draft unit of Industry standard of “ Medical High-Purity Nitrogen Generator” , was awarded “AAA” national business credit level, Our Technical Department is the sole technical center authorized by Wenzhou government for pharmaceutical machinery. We are the biggest professional manufacturer of hard capsule filling machine in China. ◆ FEIYUN is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery and has an excellent pro..
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