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Equipment: The Flat Panel Type Blister Packager
Equipment Type: Packaging Equipment -> Packer
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Main Features: 1.Stepping with chain to be traction device, adjusting journey is convenient; 2. The electrical-photo system:equuipping with the electrical-photo system if the customers have the special demand,to fit the position of photo concurrent; 3.the modularization of station, change mold, position of mold exactly; 4.Lack of tablets detect??reject automatically, 5.The machine can be despatched into several subsections to make it easier to carry it into the elevator of 1. 5.m and separately cleaning workshop; 6.Heating cylinder sealing: The cylinder hoists the check board automatically for fear of the distortion of bubble caused by the radiation on machine stopping, and which release the pressure at the same time to lengthen the life of machine. Lack of tablets detect
Description: plate type blister packing machine refers to Italian machine on base of our many year manufacture experience and absords the home and abroad newest technology??This machine adopts PLC programmable controller, touch screen(human-machine interface) to operate, frequency timing and machine, electronic, light and air automatic control technology and strictly conforms to "GMP" standard.
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